Agile for sustainability

Sustainability is a living matter that needs a different approach: the agile methodology developed in ICT allows us to be quick, effective and adjust our focus as soon as we need to.

An increasingly agile approach.

Sustainability needs quick and realistic solutions coupled with medium- to long-term visions and commitments– motivation must be nurtured and so must business results. In our opinion, the solution comes from the fusion with the Agile model, which was born in the ICT environment to respond to some challenges similar to those of sustainability, such as managing complexity, merging multidisciplinary skills and producing fast results.

With this method, we work in a concrete and shared way, setting up teams that have a multitude of skills, even external to the company, to deal systemically with daily challenges. If well addressed, this can make the company’s impact more sustainable.

But it is not enough, it is necessary that these teams know how to produce concrete and rapid solutions that can be improved in the future with revisions. While it is true that it takes years to transform unsustainable situations, it is equally true that interim results are needed to instill renewed enthusiasm and convince even the most skeptical.