Creation of value and sustainable business model

Business model sustainability and value creation capability assessments are the foundation of our analysis and strategy development for high-impact organizations.

Sustainable business cases and business models

We have experience in building business cases and business models that are economically sustainable, but what we focus on is working for organizations and entrepreneurs who want to produce significant change on a social and environmental level, which is why we integrate the tangible and intangible aspects of sustainability. The starting point is the market analysis which becomes multi-stakeholder and concerns risks and opportunities not only of an economic but also social and environmental nature.

Together for sustainable spin-offs and start-ups

The generation of impact can be implemented in ordinary company processes or become a matrix of innovation such as to revolutionize the existing business model and need to be experimented on a small scale and then made scalable. This is why we often work to generate business experiences in the form of spinoffs or by establishing sustainable startups, sometimes co-investing or helping to find investors and partners for their development.

Market analysis in search of true value

Who wouldn’t say that sustainability is a good and right thing? To go beyond the first response and truly understand users’ purchasing behaviour, we collaborate with specialized companies to carry out effective and innovative market research.

Case history

An open community underpins the new family-centric business model.

We stand by Benvenuto to build a sustainable company in all aspects of business.

Benvenuto is a data-driven catering format for families with entertainment for children that bases its success on the involvement of all stakeholders within company life. In 2019 the company, with the support of Collectibus for the creation of an open community of reference, opened the shareholder structure to over 100 members including customers, suppliers, shareholders, grandparents and parents.