Governance & Organization

Who is in charge?

We believe in open and agile change management models to manage the complexity of creating positive and sustainable impact. For positive change to happen, we need to promote new governance models that move away from the logics of the past and open up to collaborative dynamics.

Open Agent for Sustainability (OA4S)

We have created a new professional figure: the Open Agent for Sustainability. This is a real special agent who helps to operationalize sustainability in organizations on a daily basis.

Agile for sustainability

Sustainability is a living matter that needs a different approach: the agile methodology developed in ICT allows us to be quick, effective and adjust our focus as soon as we need to.

Sustainability governance

Like any process, sustainability needs to be governed and managed. With a multi-stakeholder approach, it is also possible to bring new energies into the organization’s governance processes.

Non-executive Director

If you want to turn your company around quickly and sustainably, you can count on our expertise and add the experience and professionalism of an independent director to your board.

Sustainability Training & Mentoring

We offer innovative and agile ways to deliver sustainability training to your employees, and we also partner with executives, entrepreneurs, and sustainability mentors.