Innovation management

Today, the management of innovation processes cannot ignore the dimensions of sustainability, and it is precisely those in the field of CSR who can prove to be innovation managers in the making.

Innovation management for sustainability

What if today’s CSR manager is nothing less than an innovation manager Or better yet, what if the innovation manager’s tools include only multi-stakeholder and inclusive knowledge and working methods? What if his or her ability to assess impact (social and environmental) and also read opportunities and plan transformations is not an optional extra?

Because today’s digital, organizational and technological opportunities and transformations have to reckon with resource scarcity (or commodity supply chain issues), values sought by the customer, ethical issues (robotization yes or no) that need to be mapped, studied and re-read in terms of opportunity or limitation.

Innovation, co-innovation, outsourcing

Whether the model is one of innovation from within or outsourcing, whether there are plans to collaborate with universities or to acquire start-ups, we help our clients to define the players at the table and to set the parameters to guide the innovation path, particularly with regard to aspects of potential realization of positive impacts.