Internal stakeholder involvement

If you can’t win over your team, how can you win over your customers?

From Internal Communication to Engagement.

Just as with brand awareness and product communication, we need to look at our employees and collaborators in their broader dimension. People who play different roles in the company, who have very different routines, and who in turn relate to different stakeholders. The values and messages that you want to communicate, and even more so those that the company wants to dialogue about, must be organized by managing different communication channels and even designing new ones if necessary

From engagement to impact

This whole process, which is continuous and constantly updated, increases the level of commitment, trust and satisfaction of employees, with a positive impact on productivity and reputation. Communicating and, above all, listening to internal stakeholders helps us prevent risk situations. Collectibus’ approach is “open”, broadening participation and moving from a logic of communication to one of consultation, co-design and delegation.