Our method

Agile for change

Agile, high-impact and by your side in transformation. That’s our intent – that’s how we work to help you change your business, transform it sustainably, and lead it to success.

Agile in facing complexity

Ecology teaches us that systems are interconnected, so thinking in terms of linear planning may not be a good idea. That is why we prefer an agile and open approach to planning that embraces experimentation, inclusion, and scalability of solutions.

All active in transformation

We work actively with corporate management, supporting individual managers in a mentoring and benchmarking formula, or extended teams working from an openness perspective to empower organizations in their own sustainability journey. We use our canvases to visualize risks and design solutions to seize opportunities.

Three pillars of transformation

Our work has three main pillars:

  • Business Model: to transform your business into a purpose-driven brand or benefit corporation, we help you build real business cases for product, supply chain and organizational innovation.
  • Sustainability integration: we help you build the materiality value matrix, your sustainability plan, define governance and structure true transformative partnerships with stakeholders.
  • Social business: we help turn strategic philanthropy into real value; we are involved in urban (and rural) regeneration projects; and we support you as you innovate in your social enterprise.