Open Agent for Sustainability (OA4S)

We have created a new professional figure: the Open Agent for Sustainability. This is a real special agent who helps to operationalize sustainability in organizations on a daily basis.

Open Agent For Sustainability

Together with our partners at Shape of time, we have created the Open Agent for Sustainability (OA4S), a new professional figure that combines sustainability knowledge (e.g. Sustainability Manager) with openness knowledge (e.g. Open Agent) to promote self-organization and the achievement of relevant social, environmental and economic impacts.

Operational Sustainability.

The Open Agent for Sustainability (OA4S) works so that processes, initiatives and actions – harbingers of possible impacts – can find fertile ground in each and every business function, where they can be identified, deepened and reported to the function that will help implement them within the corporate strategy.

It is a figure within the company that must be trained ad hoc and can be identified within each business unit. It is created to open the boundaries of the organization, because a company that is open to the world is more competitive and better able to seize opportunities, but also possible risks.


Tools borrowed from the world of design thinking and openness are part of the OA4S toolbox. Some we already share on the site – discover the services and download the pdfs.