Social Business & Impact

We create new, high-impact business models

From urban and rural regeneration to social enterprise and multi-stakeholder projects, we combine economic and financial expertise with an ability to read impact to support those who want to innovate their social business models today.

Theory of Change

There is no simpler question than: what change do you want to make? We help you answer that question and make sure your effectiveness matches your ambition.

User Journey

The user journey visually and in detail tells the story of a customer’s interaction with the services and products offered. It is critical to ensuring a better and 100% sustainable experience.

Social Business Models

The creation of sustainable value is at the heart of the business model. Our expertise in the service of creating the business experiences of the future.

SROI and impact measurement

How much power does it give your mission to verify its change results, both tangible and intangible? This is where impact measurement comes in.

Urban and rural regeneration

Social, economic and cultural changes require that spaces be reorganized according to new development principles and logics. The functions of land are rethought by developing new synergies between the public, private and social sectors. In short, real urban and rural regeneration is being implemented. Urban and rural regeneration.