SROI and impact measurement

How much power does it give your mission to verify its change results, both tangible and intangible? This is where impact measurement comes in.

SROI, KPIs, logical frameworks, and more.

Whether it is a Social Return on Investment (SROI) study, the definition of KPIs related to the Theory of Change, Logical Frameworks or other models, the important thing is to set a clear goal for measuring an organization’s impact and performance in order to demonstrate that the promise of change is being effectively delivered. We strongly believe that numbers (and stories) must speak for themselves – they become dashboards of control and decision-making for governing bodies and all people working in the organization.

Choose impact measurement or invent it.

We can help you evaluate what is the best system for measuring your impact, taking into account your audiences, since part of your job is to report your results to donors, users, and staff. In some cases, we have gone even further, playing a more ambitious game of defining a measurement system from scratch that can become a benchmark for a specific activity to be shared in open source to create meaningful change. We are happy to share these experiences with you – please contact us.

Case history

Creating and measuring social impact

In 2020, we worked with Sorgenia’s brand and communications department to assess the impact of their social communications.

By analyzing their campaigns and related investments, we were able to measure their impact and tell the story through a report and video.