Stakeholder engagement & PR

Stakeholder involvement is a continuous process, the result of planning, scheduling and constant implementation.

The strategic importance of stakeholder engagement.

Stakeholder engagement is an ongoing process, the result of design, planning and continuous implementation.

Our approach is “open” and aims to create real value for companies and organizations by anticipating and interpreting challenges.

Its impact is strategic, especially in B2C marketing-oriented companies. In fact, a common mistake is to limit stakeholder engagement to sustainability practices, far removed from business and communication strategies.

How we develop stakeholder engagement.

  1. Mapping and classification of local/relevant/potentially influential stakeholders.
  2. Define how we engage with different stakeholders.
  3. Ongoing monitoring and management of online and offline conversations (e.g. monitoring and managing social dissing, fact-checking, etc.).
  4. Identify and develop strategic and long-term partnerships.

Collectibus Insight Lab.

Want to dive deeper into packaging? Test the effectiveness of your purpose and value? Meet the best practice players in person and scout for new ideas?

To answer specific questions that we will define together in the sustainability journey, we offer companies our Insight Lab:

  • a network of potential stakeholders activated on a specific topic
  • a proposal of relevant topics specifically aimed at creating innovation
  • a constant scouting of new and potential stakeholders that enriches the comparison and broadens the scenario.