Customer Journey

When does the desire for a greener product arise? What prevents me from buying it? What experience do I want? These are the questions for creating sustainable products and services – we frame them in the Customer Journey. 

The whole story of your service matters

Consumers, prosumers, users, whatever your target stakeholder is today, it is important that their whole story with your product or service is effective and valuable. That’s why we study and redefine the user journey at every stage of the experience, identifying the critical moments of need, decision to use, and positive testimonial. A user journey describes how our users access the offered service and how change can be generated from the experience of using it.

Market research?

Also, yes. But it is not just about communication, it is about a thorough understanding of the product and its sustainability implications, because the consumer does not stop at the “green” packaging, is not satisfied with the “without” label, and is increasingly aware of the product’s impact on their lifestyle, the environment and society. The most sustainable products and services think cradle-to-cradle, and so must the consumer experience. With a tool we go to evaluate this experience and what interventions can be effective marketing levers and what are expected brand values that cannot be questioned.