Sustainability plan

Design thinking has taught us that “seeing” change makes it easier to implement. That is why we build the sustainability plan using the OGSM and ESG Balance Scorecard tools.

Management tools that are well known, but need to be rethought

One of the tools we have developed is the OGSM (Objectives, Goals, Strategies and Measures), which guides the organization from setting ESG sustainability strategy goals to managing and measuring them operationally. The other tool is the Balance Scorecard, which allows us to develop a system of indicators useful for evaluating new initiatives, reviewing current ones, and simulating the economic-financial impact of ESG commitments.

How to use it

If you had a single scorecard that could communicate what your company is going to do over the next five years, and a scorecard that could tell you whether you were doing it, wouldn’t it be wonderful to share it with your entire organization? This is the goal, but sometimes it is also the starting point. Thanks to the immediacy of the tool, it is possible to activate open, bottom-up processes for creating sustainability strategies. Tools become instruments in the hands of the Open Agent for Sustainability.