Sustainable communication

Sustainable communication is the ability to interpret and connect society in its urgent demands – green, social impact, rights.

Sustainable Communication, what it is all about.

Sustainable communication is the ability to interpret and connect with society’s most pressing issues – green, social impact, rights.

It is closely linked to the brand purpose that defines the corporate culture and permeates processes and products, making them distinctive. It provides value to customers who identify with it, and therefore flows into a strategic communications plan.

Conscious consumer.

The conscious and responsible consumer is the protagonist of the new purchase and consumption processes and is able to influence the strategies of the entire company, not just the marketing strategies.

With great competence and a strong value orientation, he is at the center of a network in which the following must coexist:

  • reliable interlocutors; necessary, authoritative and clear sources of information;
  • comparable producers of responsible, transparent and certified raw materials;
  • entrepreneurs capable of being agents of socio-cultural change, with a positive impact on the environment and the development of local economies.

We love successful plans. 

Here are the steps to take to avoid “green washing”:

  • know your consumers and stakeholders very well;
  • provide sufficient, accurate, accessible, documentable;
  • think from a long-term perspective, focusing on the core business and avoiding cosmetic operations;
  • pursue consistency between the company’s values and its sustainability path;
  • deliver on your promises