Urban and rural regeneration

Social, economic and cultural changes require that spaces be reorganized according to new development principles and logics. The functions of land are rethought by developing new synergies between the public, private and social sectors.

In short, real urban and rural regeneration is being implemented. Urban and rural regeneration.

Urban and rural regeneration

The social, cultural, economic and material transformation of spaces is one of the most important changes that is taking place, leading to real urban regeneration.

We have been involved in regeneration processes not only in urban areas, but also in rural areas, since Italy is not only made up of cities, but also of many rural areas and small villages that can revitalize the social and economic fabric.

Skills for regeneration

In recent years we have been particularly involved in the strategic and economic-financial planning of regeneration processes.

We have led moments of stakeholder engagement both at the local level and by bringing distant (and sometimes bizarre) experiences and points of view to the table, because to generate good ideas you need to know – the needs of those who will be the first users of regeneration, but you also need a lot of imagination and desire to build the future.

The results? We have seen art migrate to the countryside, the sea to the city, agriculture to the suburbs, and the lights of a castle rekindled.

Case history

With Tractus for rural regeneration from a sustainable perspective

Since 2016, we have been involved with Food Partners and Land in the development of the start-up company Tractus. The company was created with the aim of offering a new proposition for rural real estate that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable – in line with both market demands and rural asset enhancement scenarios.


case studies

Case history

Re-innovation of the agricultural vocation of Milan.

With the OpenAgri project (2016/2020), the City of Milan participated in UIA – Urban Innovative Actions, a European Union initiative that promotes innovative actions in cities, together with 15 partners from the university, association and business world with project OpenAgri (2016/2020).

In collaboration with our sister company Food Partners, we designed the business model and defined the territorial marketing strategy of the project, supporting the City of Milan and collaborating in the design of the Cascina Nosedo spaces.

We then took care of the dissemination phase thanks to a series of video interviews with some of the protagonists.

Open agri