User Journey

The user journey visually and in detail tells the story of a customer’s interaction with the services and products offered. It is critical to ensuring a better and 100% sustainable experience.

The whole story of your service matters.

Consumers, prosumers, users, whatever your target stakeholder is today, it is important that their whole story with your product or service is effective and valuable.

That’s why we study and redefine the user journey at every stage of the experience, identifying the critical moments of need, decision to use, and positive testimonial. A user journey describes how our users access the offered service and how change can be generated from the experience of using it.

Case history

Rethinking the customer relationship.

The new Maugeri User Experience is the result of a stakeholder engagement process.

In 2018, together with the Strategy and Development department, we defined a strategy to redefine the ICS Maugeri patient journey from the perspective of a better customer experience. We conducted an intensive and extensive stakeholder engagement activity, targeting employees and patients, analyzing processes and information flows.

The result was a roadmap for digitization, staff training and service redesign that turned the classic CUP concept on its head.