ESG Risk Analysis.

With ESG Reality Check and ESG Qualitative & Quantitative Evaluation, we intervene in the assessment of ESG-related risks (i.e. related to environmental, social and governance factors) through data mining and due diligence activities.

The ESG risk paradigm is today an essential part of the baggage of organizations that want to demonstrate that they know how to strategically address the production of positive impacts.

Initial screening

Whether it is a deal sourcing phase for sustainable investments or an organization’s desire to measure itself on the ESG front, Collectibus’ first proposal is data mining with a large-scale analysis based on international rating systems. This is done at the industry/sector level and refined with a country-by-country analysis. It is an evaluation process based on historical data and is a tool we also provide to clients with recurring needs.

ESG risk in depth.

In this phase it is necessary to detect in detail the degree of risk of the individual organization through direct due diligence which we carry out both with qualitative interviews and with quantitative analyses, with the collaboration of the company team involved in the project.

ESG in a nutshell. 

ESG is one of the risk management issues that your company needs to consider today. As with any risk analysis, there are different reference standards. Today, Europe has begun to propose a taxonomy of environmental risks, and the Sustainable Development Goals propose what to strive for in minimizing risk. This is not a marketing approach, but a tool that financial professionals use to objectively assess the value of organizations.