Social Business Models

The creation of sustainable value is at the heart of the business model. Our expertise in the service of creating the business experiences of the future.

Social Business Models

We have experience in building economically sustainable business cases and business models, but our focus is on working with organizations and entrepreneurs who want to create meaningful social and environmental change – change that becomes central to their value proposition and to building their business model.

Together for sustainable spin-offs and start-ups

To become a matrix of innovation, generating impact must be evaluated and measured in all its aspects, then experimented with on a small scale and made scalable. That is why we often work to generate business experience in the form of spin-offs or by creating sustainable startups, sometimes co-investing or helping to find investors and partners for their development.

Case history

New forms of sociality

In 2016, for the launch of Mare Culturale Urbano, we developed an economically sustainable business model capable of generating value from a structure – Cascina Torrette – with a strong social and cultural impact. Together with our investee company Food Partners, we focused on the development of the business model, including its concrete implementation and the development of the catering area.