Sustainability reporting

Whether it is a non-financial statement, a mission statement, or a sustainability report, the important thing is that it is a living, useful tool for your organization.

A dynamic document

The Sustainability Report is a journey the company takes toward goal setting and transparency. A living tool that should be useful to all areas of the company’s business. It is not a tool that takes a snapshot of results; we at Collectibus conceive of it as a dynamic strategy document: we start with the data and use it to set new goals together.

We follow standards, but with an agile perspective

Over the years, we have worked on reporting standards (GRI, ESRS) integrated reports, mission statements, non-financial statements, always with the idea that the budget is a valuable time for reflection, not just measurement.

We calibrate the intervention as needed, but we promote an agile working model that involves the company’s employees and stakeholders so that the document can be a shared charter.
We conduct an internal workshop to define future goals and collect stories from those who work every day. We train and support teams to gather data and information so that they can become autonomous in their reporting and budgeting activities.

The benefits of producing a sustainability report

If you want to be sustainable in 2021, you need to go through an innovative process.
A proper reporting path will ensure that the organization or company acquires:
1) An antenna constantly focused on what is happening outside to quickly interpret the world.
2) Tools to engage internal stakeholders so that they are the primary activators of the proposed change
3) “Having the numbers”: knowing your business very well, dominating it, and using it to create value.
4) Communicate constantly at different levels, seeking dialog