Sustainable products and services

You can launch a product and see how the market reacts or you can build it together with those who live the market: your internal and external stakeholders. Co-creation is an opportunity for (sustainable) long-term success.

Market Analysis

Imagine having to develop a product or service having available not only the opinion of your customer but also of all your future potential customers and your detractors. But not only that, also that of the institutions that will regulate the methods of production and distribution, of the suppliers who will produce the raw materials, of the workers who will assemble it and offer it to the customer.

Then imagine being able to do it with an iterative design&develop&test process.

Multistakeholder approach

This is the approach we propose to the companies we work with thanks to the multi-stakeholder perspective and the open working method.

To make mistakes but quickly and with everyone’s involvement in correcting them.